Homemade Pastries Baked Daily

We stock our Bakery Case daily with Homemade Donuts, Cookies, Grebel, Cinnamon Rolls, Pretzels, Dinna Kuga and More. Specials are also available daily. Come on down or give us a call to see what’s fresh today!

homemade-vanillaDid you know?
We make our own Vanilla Extract for all of our Homemade Pastries.

Gourmet Drinks Made just for you

Availability subject to change

Drip Coffee

By the cup
Our specialty brewed coffee changes daily.
Ask for details on what’s been brewed today.
Small – $1.75
Medium – $2.00
Large – $2.25

Cafe Au Lait
Small – $2.25
Medium – $2.50
Large – $2.75

Specialty Drinks

Small – $2.25
Medium – $2.50
Large – $3.00

Chai Latte
Small – $3.50
Medium -$4.00
Large – $4.50

Hot Cocoa
Small – $2.25
Medium – $2.50
Large – $2.75

Mexican Cocoa
Small – $3.00
Medium – $3.50
Large – $4.00

Tea Types Below
All Sizes – $2.25

Fruit Smoothies

Strawberry Banana.Peach Pear.Mango Orange.Mixed Berry  Small – $4.50 Medium $5.25 Large $6.00

Espresso Menu

By the shot
Single – $1.75
Double – $2.00

Small/Medium/Large – $2.50

Small – $3.00
Medium – $3.50
Large – $4.00

Caramel Macchiato
Small – $4.00
Medium – $4.50
Large – $5.00

Small – $3.50
Medium -$4.00
Large – $4.50

White Mocha
Small – $4.00
Medium – $4.50
Large – $5.00

Mexican Mocha
Small – $4.00
Medium – $4.50
Large – $5.00

Italian Soda Menu Below Frozen Mixers Menu Below
Small – $2.50
Medium – $3.00
Large – $3.50
Small – $3.50
Medium –$4.00
Large – $4.50

Syrup Flavors

Almond | Banana | Black Cherry | Blueberry | Butter Pecan | Caramel | Chocolate | Cinnamon | Coconut | Eggnog | English Toffee | French Vanilla | Gingerbread | Hazelnut | Irish Cream | Kiwi | Macadamia Nut | Peach | Peanut Butter | Peppermint | Pineapple | Pumpkin Pie | Raspberry | Salted Caramel | Strawberry | Toasted Marshmallow | Watermelon | White Chocolate

Sugar Free
Almond | Caramel | Chocolate | Coconut | Eggnog | English Toffee | French | Vanilla | Hazelnut | Peanut Butter | Peppermint | Raspberry | Strawberry | White Chocolate

Darjeeling Highlands
English Breakfast
Earl Grey
Vanilla Comoro(Decaf)

Japanese Sencha
Pan Asia
Chinese Flower

Egyptian Chamomile
Organic Peppermint
Yellow & Blue

Winter White Earl Grey

African Autumn

Strawberry Lemonade

Peach Lemonade

Raspberry Lemonade

Black Cherry Lemonade

Lemon Spritzer

Mango Lemonade

Watermelon Lemonade

Arnold Palmer

Alice in Wonderland
White chocolate, caramel and raspberry.

Almond Joy
Chocolate, coconut and almond.

Berry Bliss
White chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, black cherry and raspberry.

Black Hole
Dark chocolate and espresso beans.

Bonheur Melange`(Blended Bliss)
White chocolate and French vanilla.

Chocolate, white chocolate, English toffee, Irish cream and espresso beans.

Green Teaser
Green Matcha tea. (Normally done without coffee.)

Heath Bar
Chocolate, caramel, English toffee and almond.

Hugs and Kisses
Chocolate and white chocolate.

White chocolate and Irish cream.

Jack Frost
Chocolate and peppermint.

Chocolate, coconut and macadamia nut.

Monument Mocha
Chocolate and caramel.

Chocolate and coconut.

Nut Roll
White chocolate, peanut butter and salted caramel.

White chocolate and butter pecan.

Chocolate and peanut butter.

Rocky Road
Chocolate, almond, and toasted marshmallow.

Slacker Shake
Ice Cream sandwich.

Chocolate, toasted marshmallow and gingerbread.

Chocolate, caramel and peanut butter.

Chocolate and strawberry.

White Rabbit
White chocolate and caramel.

White Out
White chocolate.

The Classic
You choose the flavor and add cream and/or whipped cream for $0.50 each.

Sgt. Pepper
Dr. Pepper, black cherry, and cream.

Red Hot
Coca-Cola, vanilla, cinnamon, and cream.

Bob Marley
Mango, pineapple, coconut, and raspberry.

Cherry Garcia
Chocolate, black cherry, vanilla, and cream.

Shirley Temple
Sprite, cherry juice, and cherries.

Roy Rodgers
Coca-Cola, cherry juice, and cherries.

Old fashioned Cherry Coke
Black cherry syrup and Coco-Cola.

Old fashioned vanilla Coke
Vanilla syrup and Coco-Cola.

Old fashioned chocolate Coke
Chocolate syrup and Coco-Cola.

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